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Bug Base Test Cases

This is the set of unit tests for Bug Base based on JUnit, HttpUnit and Cactus. They are intended for testing during development, after an installation and during runtime. The philosophy behind this test suite is to provide non destructive tests, i.e. all tests are designed to leave existing data untouched. Nevertheless, the database may be spoiled with test data. Hence it is a good idea to use different databases for development tests and production. For further reading, see Unit testing database code.

What do we test?

What we don't test:

  • We don't test the GUIs of the developer and administration applet.

Test Client

There is a test client provided with Bug Base. This client is derived from the JUnit and uses Log4j to write test protocols.

Usage: java <java options> junit.logswingui.TestRunner <test class>

The following JARs are required in the client classpath:

  • junit.jar
  • cactus.jar: Please select the correct version depending on the servlet API your servlet engine supports and add all required JARs from the distribution.
  • log4j.jar
  • servlet.jar from your servlet engine (required by Cactus).
  • struts.jar (required by Cactus).

The Bug Base Project

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