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Bug Base: Installing the Binaries

Bug Base requires a running database, a web server, a servlet engine and a JSP engine. Before updating an existing installation, please read the Release Notes.

Database Installation

Bug Base supports two databases. One of the following two databases has to be installed:

JSP Engine Installation

In the following we describe the installation for Jakarta Tomcat JSP engines.

We assume that the JSP engine is installed and running. All required parts for the installation are contained in the bugbase-<version>.tar.gz. The easiest way to install it is to

  • extract the archive below the webapps of the Tomcat installation, and rename it to bugbase
  • Since we do not want to commit any license conflicts with used third party products, we currently do not redestribute them. Create the directory WEB-INF/lib and copy
  • In the case you want to test Bug Base, you additionally need the following JARs:
    • junit.jar
    • cactus.jar: Please select the correct version depending on the servlet API your servlet engine supports and add all required JARs from the distribution.
    • log4j.jar
Please use the versions recommended in the requirements.

The Bug Base Project

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